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Be a compelling storyteller with the portfolio presentation guide

When it comes to portfolio presentations in design interviews—good design work is essential, but storytelling is king. Our most popular offering, the Portfolio Presentation Guide, provides designers with an easy framework to showcase competency in their craft.

Our guides help you get the job you want with step-by-step walkthroughs from setting up a portfolio site to presenting your work. Interview effectively with hiring teams by telling a better story.


  • List of exact slides you will need to get your portfolio presentation started for your job search season
  • 30+ pages with in-depth guidance for putting together your Intro, About Me, and Case Study slides
  • Talk tracks for each slide to illustrate how to tell a compelling story
  • Example video of a full case study presentation

Lead comfortably and create direction on the fly with the whiteboarding exercise guide

Whiteboarding is about creating an experience for your interview panel that helps them to imagine how it might be to work with you. It’s less about the results, and all about the journey!

Our whiteboarding guide is created from our 20+ years of experience leading and judging whiteboarding sessions, outlined by type of session you may encounter. The guide is designed to make sure you are outlining the problem clearly, as well as engaging the viewers in a compelling conversation that clarifies your purpose and thought process.


  • Example whiteboarding prompts and real recorded sessions
  • An easy to replicate whiteboarding framework
  • Components to craft a memorable session
  • Improv techniques to help you respond flexibly
  • Know what interviewers are looking for during these exercises

Generate more interest towards your design work with the portfolio site guide

In the design world, online portfolios are where first impressions live, therefore they tend to take a lot of work and maintenance to stay visually relevant. Create a timeless, minimalist portfolio that won’t go out of style—saving you extensive time and updates over the lifetime of your design career.

Our guides are designed to make sure you are showing and saying the right things that others forget or just didn’t know they should include. It’s time to make sure the purpose and impact of your designs are seen and understood.


  • 6 chapters to help you build a portfolio, optimizing for speed and impact
  • Components to craft a homepage that will get you noticed
  • Case study framework strategy
  • List of common mistakes to avoid
  • Resources to help you publish your site using pre-built templates or from scratch

What people are saying

“I was applying for jobs outside the US and needed some help crafting my experience story. It took me a few rounds of iteration to have a strong story and practice it, and I'm very grateful for their support and patience. I got three offers and happily landed a job in Europe!”

— Ivanna, Senior UX Designer @ Microsoft

“Your portfolio presentation guide is awesome. It was super refreshing to hear such a different perspective on presenting projects and learn a new approach to storytelling. Forever grateful for your killer guide that helped get me here.”

— Justine, Senior UX Designer @ Autodesk

“Interviewing well is about storytelling and framing the discussion to where you want it to be headed. I found that the course and templates from Dream Design Job allowed me to do just that. Instead of worrying about having the right framework, I was able to focus on telling the story about my projects.”

— Kristen, Staff UX/UI Designer @ Broadcom

Guide pricing

The Active Job Seeker Bundle


  • Portfolio presentation PDF guide to tell a better story about your design work
  • Whiteboarding exercise PDF guide to solve challenges in a clear and coherent manner
  • Portfolio site PDF guide to showcase your work simply and quickly
  • Proven frameworks that allow you to plug and play with your own work
  • Access to exclusive videos with examples of portfolio presentations and whiteboarding exercises
  • Talk tracks for crafting impactful slides and walking interviewers through a whiteboard problem

Interview coaching


  • Three 1-hour sessions over 2 months
  • First session - review your goals with a coach, followed by an informal review of your design work. Up-to-date resume and portfolio site required.
  • Second session - walkthrough your presentation, followed by an assessment and feedback
  • Third session - second walkthrough of your iterated presentation, followed by a review of your changes and final touch ups
  • Access to all guides: Presentation, Whiteboarding, Portfolio site
  • Email support between sessions



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