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Dream Design Job provides storytelling confidence and insight so that every design candidate can land their dream design job.

We're product designers in San Francisco, and when we first started our design careers, we wished we had some guidance on how to properly present our portfolio work to hiring teams. Learn from our experience and skip the extended emotional and mental toll of figuring out why your presentation isn't working!


Dream Design Job is founded by two friends, Patrick and Patrici, who've worked together at SF startups and held live workshops around design hiring since 2018.

Patrick lives in San Francisco with four other friends and is a designer at Google. He's a big fan of board games, tennis, and noodles of all kinds. When not doing any of these activities, his time is spent training for an ironman in 2023!

Interview Horror Story: "One time, I was interviewing at a well-known ecommerce company for a UX Designer role. My presentation started the interview day off and by the end of the hour, I was pulled aside and told that I would not be continuing with the rest of the 1:1 interviews. I knew my storytelling was horrible because I was never taught how to translate my wordy online portfolio into a concise and compelling presentation. I spent countless days going through iterations and rejections before I landed my very first job as an Interaction Designer for a boutique agency."

Patrici lives in Oakland and designs at Okcoin. She enjoys reading and thinking about big ideas and philosophies, especially around creativity and human potential.

Interview Horror Story: "Just because I can design big, doesn't mean I always knew how to communicate big, especially if I obsess over details. As I grew as a designer, I would proudly make it to several onsite portfolio reviews, only to watch eyes glaze over and eventually get pulled into another room to have an awkward rejection conversation with hiring managers who had previously been excited to talk to me. After crying it out and continued iteration and feedback, I learned the hard lesson about what it means to frame design stories clearly to evoke feelings of trust. The rest is just details."

Our hope is that our guides will help you focus on the essentials of the interview process. The best part is, you can reuse these guides for applying to future design roles in your career.

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