Hello there!

My name is Patrick. I live in San Francisco with four other friends and am a designer at Salesforce. I’m a big fan of board games, tennis, and noodles of all kinds. When I’m not doing any of these activities, my time is spent planning for my wedding in 2021!

My goal with DDJ is to provide storytelling confidence and insight so that every design candidate can land their dream design job.

When I first started my design career, I wish I had some guidance on how to properly present my portfolio work to hiring teams. One time I was interviewing at a well-known ecommerce company for a UX Designer role. My presentation started the interview day off and by the end of the hour, I was pulled aside and told that I would not be continuing with the rest of the 1:1 interviews. I knew my storytelling was horrible because I was never taught how to translate my wordy online portfolio into a concise and compelling presentation. I spent countless days going through iterations and rejections before I landed my very first job as an Interaction Designer for a boutique agency.

I don’t want you to have to through that same emotional and mental toll for months on end. The Product Designer Interview Guide will help you focus on portfolio presentation essentials. And the best part? You can reuse this guide for applying to future design roles in your career!

You’ll have a clean, gripping portfolio presentation that’s customizable to your own projects! Yes, let’s do this!





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